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Tasked to head the city council's finance committee and make tough decisions that may not always coincide with the Mayor or Carmel Redevelopment Commission's agendas, Snyder has been criticized by Worrell and other oppostion as

"difficult to work with."  Worrell doesn't like her "tone" and says he "would offer different behaviors in how (he) would act as a city councilor." 


Concerns regarding Worrell's ability to stand up for his constituents when their best interests are not the Mayor's is of great concern based on his appointment to the CRC by the Mayor and his track record.  And while Worrell says he would be willing to "disagree with the Mayor in private," that simply isn't an option with this job.


Luci Snyder is known in the business community for her integrity and strong leadership.  She is direct, fair and transparent.  Snyder stands proudly and publicly for the tough decisions that need to be made.  And most importantly, she has proven in the more than 20 years she has served her community and the city of Carmel that she will stand up for you.

It's a Matter of FACTS

Snyder fights for her district. Plays integral role in preventing waste storage tank build out. 


Flooding remains a concern in older areas of Carmel. Snyder and co-council member Sharp clash with the Mayor over budget cuts that leave older Carmel communities up a creek.

Snyder's opponent Jeff Worrell was hand-picked by the Mayor to serve on the five member board of the Carmel Redevelopment Commission (CRC). His questionable financial decisions and practices have been chronicled over the years as Carmel's debit has skyrocketed.  And now, a  special benefits tax may impact all Carmel households if the city cannot pay off this debt...

Carmel Mayor, CRC Board Member Worrell and counterparts use loophole to spend TIF money.  


MAY 5, 2015

Municipal Primary Election Day

And here's the proof.

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